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How much should SEO cost me?

The price of SEO has a fair few defining factors:

1. The main factor is how competitive your key phrase is; we call this the COMPETIVITY INDEX

Example 1:
Industry: Web Industry
Key phrase: “best website company London”

Competivity Index: 950/1000
  • London has a very competitive web industry
  • many of these companies provide SEO as a service so have an in house SEO team
  • SEO strategy required is complex and involves various SEO techniques, not just the commonly known ones
  • maintaining high ranking involves continual work
Example 2:
Industry:  Blinds
Key phrase:  “Commercial blinds London”

Competivity Index: 700/1000
  • London is a competitive and lucrative business place for all sectors
  • commercial blind orders represent a medium-high order value, hence leads are lucrative
  • 1 lead per month can commonly = 500% ROI
2. What is your end target?

Do you want to finish on first page for your key phrase or no. 1 or top 5 or top 3 etc.
This will affect how much SEO will cost you.
Tip: many of our clients begin with a target of first page to test the waters on the ROI and then increase their SEO budget further down the line as they increase their target ranking.

3. Maintaining your position

Once you have reached your much coveted ranking the last thing you want to do is slip down the rankings. Holding your position is like in any race, it involves continual work to keep others from overtaking you and to hold position.
Tip: A company using only white hat SEO techniques will charge from a £350+vat a month and can go upto £15,000+vat per month depending on the amount of key phrases and competivity index.

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